Thursday, October 17, 2013

PRELOVED ShinHan complete 168-marker set

When I started carrying ShinHan, I pulled a full set out for Esme to make charts. Now that we are clearancing out, this full set is in the preloved section for one lucky customer! These markers are BARELY USED*!!! This is an amazing deal.

ShinHan markers are so similar to Copic. If you are just starting out, this won't just jumpstart you, you will be SET! Retail on 168 Copics is over $1300, so ShinHan is an amazing deal even at full retail. This set is even less. WOW!!!

Please remember that there is only ONE SET. When it's gone, it's gone...

*This item is in the preloved section, not the ShinHan section of the store, so the current ShinHan code will not apply.

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