Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Happy Wednesday,
White is always beautiful and always elegant.  It's not just for weddings it can be for anything and for anyone.  When I don't feel like picking paper, I grab white.  The designs always turn out so beautiful, so does cream.
  1. The card is a 6x6 tent
  2. I used Spellbinders Marvelous Squares dies.  Die cut all of the pieces and layer them as shown using pop up adhesives as shown.  
  3. For the flower I used Spellbinders Rose Creation. Cut 2 of the large and 2 of the 2 of the next size and 1 of the rest
    1. I fold each petal in half toward the middle with tweezers
    2. next with the tweezers I take an edge and roll it toward the middle of that pedal on each side.  Do this all the way around
    3. Once all the layers are done I attach them rotating them so the flower is full
    4. Now I refold shaping the flower
    5. This part can be a little tricky.  I peel the paper apart to give the flower a fuller more dainty look.  then reshape it again.
    6. To build a really nice flower does take some time but it is worth it.
    7. Hint - if you run your die cut or punch flowers through a paper crimper it will break down the paper fibers and fold into shape much nicer. The paper will also peel easier. 
  4. Cut a 1x6 inch strip and wrap with white tulle and tie knot bow.  I secure with sookwang tape.  I also use this tape to attach it to the card.
  5. I attach the rose to the card with pop up adhesive
  6. run your leaves through the paper crimper to add texture and crease in the middle
  7. add your white pearls

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