Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making Homemade Soap - awesome Mothers Day Gifts!

Hello happy crafters! This is Colleen and I am bringing you a whole new level to making craft gifts and just in time for Mothers Day!! 7 Kids now sells all in one soap making kits and let me tell you, my son, granddaughter and me had a blast doing it. It was our first time, so there is a little bit of room for improvement, but I am still pleased with our results. Did I tell you this was easy peasy to do?

There are several kits available to chose from, I chose

The kits comes with 16 ounces of clear soap, 16 ounces of white soap, .27 ounces of Cucumber Melon Fragrance, 27 ounces of red color, .27 ounces yellow color, .27 ounces of blue color, .03 ounces of white pearl powder, four molds and instructions. You need to supply a glass measuring cup and a small spritzer filled with alcohol. 

Decide what shape you want your soap and the colors you would like to make it. We did four different shapes and designs. Break your bars of soaps into pieces into a glass container. The directions will advise you to how many you will need for each design.  Place in microwave for approx. 1 minute or less. Keep checking to see if the soap has melted.

Add your coloring and fragrance and stir. At this time you can add the shimmering 
powder which I forgot to do :(  Stir. 

 Pour into your mold. Easy peasy - my son is doing this while I shoot the photos :)

Spritz with alcohol to remove all the air bubbles. I used my mini mister for this.

While that was hardening, we prepared the other bars. It takes 1 1/2 - 2 hours to completely dry.

We made two fancy bars by removing them and cutting them into rectangles or straight lines.  With the rectangle bar we sliced evenly 3 times across the length and 3 times across the width. We placed every other rectangle back into the mold

  Slowly pour the second color between the rectangles.
Spritz again with alcohol which made this look like glass when done

This is how it looked when dried. I love the way it has a marble look to it. 

The circle we cut into triangles and layered the hexagon with pink and white

Square bar was cut into four strips and filled with the white soap in between to form the strips.

Before wrapping you can wrap your bar of soap tightly and heat it slightly with a heat
gun to adhere the plastic wrap to the bar.

There are so many different ways of wrapping your soap to make a beautiful gift. Create a card with matching paper and will make a very loving gift. 

Love you Abbie, thank you for helping me! 


  1. These are SO COOL!!!! Awesome job Colleen!!!

  2. Soo Awesome Colleen!! I want to make some now, lol ;-)