Monday, February 11, 2013

Awesome altered book project from DT member Rhea!

This was project took about 15 hours and was a labor of love!  It is my first altered book and now I am hooked.  I really had no plan of attack or details on what I was going to do just an idea that evolved into this.  Which honestly is the way all of my designs are.  I have a stamp or a die and that's it.  I sit at my desk and dive in and see what happens.

I had My new Floral stamps from Stampendous and my Something Old was my Book........

Now, let's get started on this big project :)

Garden Book by; Passionate Paper Creations

Garden Book by:Passionate Paper Creations

Here are a few step out photo's to help....  SORRY, SOME ARE BLURRY

  Carve out the center of the book about an inch

Emboss a piece of card stock with an extra large embossing folder from Spellbinders.  They are awesome!!!  They will emboss an 8 1/2" x 11".... seriously  You will need to do 2

Now cover the front of the book and glue into place...I used Beacon's Zip Dry. Here is what the inside cover looks like.  Make sure not to put any paper on the bend of the spine.  Do the back the same.  When you are done then cover spine with duct tape.

Now it's time to get messy.  With a brayer and the 3 shown on the right picture start working color into the first page not "cut out".  No pattern just add color

Stamp and emboss your swirls with pirate gold.  Make sure to move your swirls to the inside so you will see them because the edges are hidden by the frame of the other pages.

 Repeat the same process on the cover of the cut out pages. Set the book aside.

From the back of the book cut out about 10 pages and attach to card stock.  Stamp the jumbo spring bouquet with clear bark.  You will need about 6 of these.  You will also need lots of the little butterflies some embossed with clear bark and some in gold.

With the colors showing I chalked the images with eye shadow applicators and coloring nibs by ranger. This takes lots of practice but is quick and lots of fun when you get the hang of it.  When you are all done.  You will need to cut everything out...yes everything.  It's time to start piecing them to the project.

 Start layering the bouquet into the inside pages of the book.  make sure to have several pages in between to give dimension. Then add a mix of matching flower soft for the grass with a little shaved ice.  A little stickles for more sparkle.  Make sure your details are perfect and just they way you want them before we seal her behind the window.  And make sure they are dry.

when you are happy with your results.  Duct tape the edges of the pages in the book or you can heavily emboss with aged gold.  oh,  Do not include your first couple of pages to your book.  Once you've secured you pages now you can add your window.  I used an acetate piece from a stamp package.

Using your brayer and the same technique as above do the inside front and back covers

with antique linen ink the front and back cover of your book

stamp and emboss swirls with gold and piece and attach your bouquet.  

Stamp and emboss swirls to the inside front cover with Flower Path sentiment
Garden book by: Passionate Paper Creations
Now add all your  details.  Use Stickles and flower soft with shaved ice.

I hope you enjoyed this book and are inspired!  Would love to hear your comments and would also love to have you as a follower!!