Monday, January 28, 2013

Cutterpillar Pro preorder and google warning note


Many of you who use Google Chrome may have received a warning from Google regarding the site over the weekend because of the badge I had on the site. Although I do not suspect that the Top 50 site is really a distributor of malware, occasionally a site will be flagged by Google because of some abnormality it detects in the site's language. Unfortunately, this was the case with the Top 50 site over the weekend. To eliminate any potential threat and to stop users from receiving the warning when trying to access my site, I removed the Stamping Top 50 badge from my site and the problem was solved. Of course, I was not alone in having trouble, major sites like, popular blogs and other stores (anyone who had a Top 50 badge) were also affected.

So, rest assured, Whatever the problem is with Stamping Top 50, it did not affect my store and the link to the Top 50 site from my site has been removed. Shop with confidence and I apologize for any concern or inconvenience it caused.

Special thanks to 7 KIDS customer Rea Custer who called me to let me know what was going on. Otherwise, I would not have known about it until this morning and many of you would have been unable to shop over the weekend. Ugh! :)

I am not kidding when I say this will be the last trimmer you ever need to buy! I saw this trimmer live at CHA and it is really something special.

My favorite thing is that the blade will NEVER need to be replaced (and it has a lifetime guarantee behind it).

DT member Carisa Zglobicki's favorite thing was that the LED let you see through the paper or photo so you know exactly where you are cutting (great for paper with grid lines or photos you simply cannot afford to cut incorrectly).

The blade is hanging and is on a gear system, so you don't have scoring strips that get cut into and need replacement. You will never not be able to use your trimmer because you need blades or strips or some other consumable product! It's always ready, it's always sharp! This trimmer is truly a MUST-HAVE tool!!!

I have them on preorder and expect to ship from here in mid-February! They are also at a great 7 KIDS price!

 Please watch this video to hear about all the features and see it in action!

CutterPillar Pro Official Video
CutterPillar Pro Official Video

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