Friday, December 21, 2012

UPDATE: New Design Team

I've received a couple emails regarding DT selections that I want to address:
First, I did not send out response emails as I got your submissions. Next time, I'll be sure to set up an auto response so you know for sure it was received! Next, I am waiting to get a hold of a couple people, when I do, everyone will be contacted. Yes, as hard as it is, I always send out emails to everyone so no one has to wait for the blog post to see if they didn't make the team. You are ALL incredibly talented and made this first time for me selecting a new team seriously hard!!! There are only 7 spots plus we've also decided to choose 4 guest designers. We like to keep it small so that everyone gets the exposure they deserve!
If you do not get selected this time, we are going to have set terms this year and in 6 months I would hope you each try out again. As a designer myself, I know how hard it is to receive those emails and let me tell you, it's not easy to send them out either. Hopefully later this afternoon everyone who applied will hear from me. The new team will be announced for everyone here on the blog over the weekend so you don't have to keep quiet for too long after you find out!!
DT Leader

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