Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why I use facebook

I have been getting some unfavorable customer responses to my use of facebook as a marketing tool. For those who choose not to use facebook, I understand, and I know the feeling.

For those wondering why I use it, it's simple: facebook is a FREE marketing tool that allows me to quickly update customers about things when it is just not feasible to send an e-mail about it. For example, if I get in a new paper pad design and have 6 pads sitting here, I can't send out an e-mail to thousands saying I have 6 paper pads, but I can do a quick post on facebook. Also, facebook allows for some fast customer-to-customer interaction and me-to-customer interaction that just doesn't happen with e-mails or a blog.

My use of facebook is in no way meant to exclude or offend customers. If I decide to do an ad in a magazine, tons of my regular customers won't see that ad or the offer in it. I don't think that means that I am excluding them. I am just trying to market and build my business with every method available to me. I use twitter, my store blog, facebook and my e-mail list to market the store. Not everyone accesses all these methods and that is fine, but I will still use them all to communicate with as many people as possible.

I apologize for any offense, but I will continue to use it because it is just very simple and easy and allows me the most flexibility in communication. And, in promoting that, instead of paying some company money to advertise my facebook page, I would rather do a drawing the let some lucky customer get that money instead! Thus, the drawing for the $50 gift certificate (and all fans are entered, by the way!).

If you prefer not to join facebook and follow me there, there are so many other opportunities to win gift certificates from the store. We have the Challenge Blog every two weeks where you can win a $20 gift certificate, the store sponsors a number of independent challenge blogs, and, of course, I have the annual DO-GOOD DRAWING where you can win prizes and support an awesome charity!!!

I appreciate everyone's support and hope all customers understand my need to market the store and increase business whenever I can. If I don't, I will no longer be in business...and that would be sad. Smiley from millan.net

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  1. I love that you're on Facebook because I like getting the alerts.I just recently started following your blog but will still continue to like the Facebook info!