Thursday, April 26, 2012

Distress Marker Update

MARKERS ARE ARRIVING ON TUESDAY 5/1!!!!!!! Your preorder will ship on Wednesday 5/2!!!!

I have a few sets of markers without the tube that I can ship today! If you want the full set, don't care about the tube and want them right now, let me know. First come, first served!

I am deleting the rest of this post, but leaving this as it was the only bright light in this whole mess:
What can we, the consumers, do to help you and let Ranger know how we feel?

Maybe I should send them my top ten list of effects of the Ranger Distress Marker shortage.

1. I hav
e gained 10 pounds with the extra food money not spent on Ranger Distress Markers

2. I have lost 10 pounds from constantly checking my mail to see if the Ranger Distress Markers have arrived

3. My grandchildren have learned to share their crayons

4. Even my scrapbooks look thinner in black

5. More money to spend on all things not Ranger

6. The Distress Marker mourning mask I have started wearing makes me look more like the Lone Ranger

7. I changed an item on my Christmas list of wants to read Ranger STinks

8. I have learned to meditate and redirect my rANGER

9. I have more time to do housework, THANKS RANGER!

10. Now I know why the are called DISTRESS markers


  1. Tab - Thanks for the update, you're the best! I certainly understand how you feel about when you expect something and it doesn't pan out. As one of your customers waiting is part of the game when new things come out and we all want them.*Ü*
    Debbie M

  2. I'm so trying to be a patient person.
    Thanks for all you are trying to do for us.
    Shirley in Queen Creek

  3. It helps a lot to get the updates! And we are all developing so much character by being patient!! Thanks for keeping us posted.

  4. Good things come to those who wait! I'm excited and these will definitely be worth the wait. Thank you for keeping us updated!

    Debbie P.

  5. I love the Top hilarious! I don't think Ranger realized how coveted their new product would be.
    Cathy Lee

  6. Tab,

    Thanks so much for the regular updates; waiting patiently! I did expect that they would be somewhat delayed.

  7. Any news about the Magnolia Summer Memories PRE-ORDER?