Tuesday, June 2, 2015

That's MY Order! Win a $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE! 15% off Clearbags!

The problem: In an effort to generate more ad revenue, Facebook does not show posts to very many of the people who "LIKE" a business Facebook page. Even though I have over 3,500 likes, on average, posts that do not have likes, comments or shares are presented to around 40 of these 3,500 people. :(  Sad face...

The solution: In addition to selecting to get notification from the page, you can also just visit it daily looking for the latest posts. :) Happy face...

In an effort to encourage more visits, I am going to randomly post a photo of someone's order. I am trying this out with a once a week post.

Here's how "That's MY Order" works: 

1) Once a week, on a random day, I will post a picture I took of someone's order that was placed between the last posting of a picture and that day. This order will be randomly chosen.

2) If you are checking Facebook regularly, you will see that photo. If it is YOUR order, you will need to contact me to receive your $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE!!! You will have 48 hours after posting of the photo to contact me for the prize!

Yes, this is a clever (I think) attempt to get you to visit the page regularly and check out all the new products, preorders, sales, and general store updates. While you are there, feel free to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE posts. This will increase the number of people who see the post and will save me money...money I can continue to pass on in savings, sales and the free shipping offer.

Yes, I'm begging!

Save an additional 15% on all Clearbags! Clearbags are USPS approved, so they can be used to mail cards. And, the card jackets (available in A2, A7 and 6X6) are the perfect way to display and protect your cards! Stock up now!!!

Code: BAG15
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 Good through 6/5


Find out why this mouse may be reported to the Veterinarian Medical Board and how you can win a $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE to the store!!!