Sunday, May 10, 2015


GORJUSS GIRLS: The papers are in, the stamps are not. There have been some import issues with these products. When I last spoke to my rep, she said that they were talking with Docrafts about airlifting product in to get it in faster. I just checked their website and there is no longer an estimated date on their site. I will speak with my rep again Monday and see if there is any new information. If I do start receiving partial shipments of stamps, I will ship them out as I get them, not hold orders until everything is in.
COUTURE CREATIONS: There are two date that products were supposed to be available: April and June. The April products as supposedly arriving in a week or so. I spoke with my rep at the distributor carrying CC. She said there had been importing issues at that line and that things had been resolved. I spoke with her last week and she said they expected to receive the new product in about two weeks. So everyone waiting on Hearts Ease paper and the dies that were supposed to be coming out in April, it's looking like later this month I should be getting and shipping those products out.
MEMORY BOX/POPPY: My order has been pending with MB since 4/27. It usually takes MB about two weeks to process an order, so I expect to be receiving a ship notice from them next week. If that is the case, those preorders will be shipping out by the end of next week/beginning of the following week.
SANTORO MIRABELLE from Trimcraft: What can I say about Trimcraft? I waited until right before those products were suppose to be available to put them in the store for preorder. And...I got burned again. They seem to always have dramatic delays for whatever reason. I have spoken to my rep and they are very frustrated as well, just like last time. Ugh...I may have to learn on this one and not do preorders on this product. I will just wait for them to come in before I put them in the store. If I haven't already shipped any in stock products you may have ordered with this preorder, I will do so this week.

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