Monday, March 2, 2015

West Coast dock workers strike

For those who are not aware, there has been an ongoing dock workers strike on the west coast. Twenty-nine ports all along the west coast are affected. This means that any company receiving products through a west coast port is having difficulty receiving stock.

The companies I carry that are having the most trouble are Copic, Prima and Penny Black.

Copic does not have great stock levels on sketch markers and they are estimating that it will take up to 6 months to clear backorders. They are receiving sketch markers, but it is not known when or how much product will arrive. If you need Copic product, I recommend ordering right away. Don't wait for me to get something in stock because it may not be in stock anytime soon. They are well stocked on refills.

Prima is also have supply problems. I was able to fulfill all stamp preorders, but the armoire tag pad has been delayed until sometime in March.

Penny Black is having trouble getting their CHA release products in the store. So, preorders still haven't shipped. I am in contact with PB and awaiting updates on the release.

There may be other companies affected, but so far there haven't been any indications from them that there are supply issues.

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