Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spellbinders Tip by Rhea

Good Morning, Rhea here to bring you a quick and oh so easy project.  With a tip that you are sure to love.  

I used the A-2 Fancy Ribbon Threader die set from Spellbinders.  First cut and emboss the background piece then the banner piece 3 times making a frame from the opposite color card stock.  Run your ribbon and add your bling and that my friends is it!!!!!

I've been spending a lot of time with my friends at Spellbinders the last couple of weeks and I want to share a great tip!  Better than wax paper!!!  Lightly mist your card stock with water before cutting and embossing.  Then, use your heat gun to on the back side to dry the paper while it is still in the die.  If the die appears to warp...DO NOT is likely the paper shrinking causing this.  Once it cools it will be easy to poke the card stock out.  I have been working with some very intricate dies and have not used any wax paper and have not ruined any dies or torn any card stock.  AND...the imprint of the embossing is magnificent! Also, if you are not going to emboss but it is an intricate die you are going to use still mist it and heat set it before removing.  By misting the paper, you are expanding the fibers in the paper.  When you heat set it, you are shrinking the fibers causing it to pull away from all the edges of the die.  Make since?  

No need to shy away from all of those beautiful intricate dies ever again! They will come out so quick and easy.  Sometimes they actually come out on their own.  Warning...your shape will be a little warped.  Don't worry because once you attach to your card it wont matter a bit.

See you next Wednesday :) - Rhea

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