Monday, April 22, 2013

Preordering Primer

I am receiving e-mails daily from customers asking about why they haven't received a ship notice on their order for the WRMK envelope and punch board. Rather than address each one individually, I thought this would be a good time to discuss how the preordering process works at 7 KIDS. If you do not preorder or you are already familiar with how preorders work, no need to read on!

If you are preordering from 7 KIDS, the first place to go for information before you preorder is the help section on preordering. CLICK HERE to see that page. This should answer almost any question you have about preordering.

For the case of the WRMK board the AVAILABILITY currently reads: "PREORDER product expected to ship from WRMK in late April." This means that WRMK has informed me that they expect to receive the product and begin shipping at the end of April. I should have the product in early May to ship to my customers if they do receive the product as currently anticipated.

Please note that this date is SUBJECT TO CHANGE. As with any product being manufactured in China, there are tons of reasons products can be delayed including delays at the plant itself, delays in transit on the ships bringing the product over and delays getting the products through the customs process. So, even though WRMK has told me they expect the boards to arrive at the end of the month, that does not always happen.

As stated in the help section on preorders, I keep the AVAILABILITY in each preorder listing updated with the lastest information I have. If I find out that the product will be delayed, I update the availability. If I find out that the product is on the way to me and I have an arrival date at my store, I will update.

Unfortunately, I cannot contact each customer individually about these status changes, so I ask that everyone with a pending preorder check the availability for any new information about the product.

For easier access to current preorder estimated ship dates, I have added a box on the front page on the right hand side that says: PREORDERING? Click here for information on our preordering policy and current ESTIMATED ship times. I am keeping all the preorder products updated here as well, so if you have more than one preorder product you are waiting for, you need only visit one place for all the information.

Feel free to contact me if you do have a question that is not answered on the HELP page regarding preorders.

WRMK Envelope Boards: *UPDATED* WRMK is now estimating receiving the boards in their warehouse in mid-May. Please remember that delays on products being newly manufactured are the norm. As soon as I receive updated information, I will post it in the availability section of the store, as well as here.
Cutterpillar: late May/early JuneCottageCutz: mid May
2 Cute Ink from Whimsy: early May
D-Lites: mid to late May
Gorjuss Girls: *UPDATED* These items are delayed. Now expected to ship in early June.
La-La Land: Any stamps and dies still on preorder are expected to arrive at my distributor's warehouse on May 6. I should have them about a week later.
Prima Dolls: Remaining Prima Doll design expected to ship mid-May
Stamping Bella: early May
Wink of Stella: preorders shipping by May 3

Check out the new Nellie Snellen Picture embossing folders. These things are cool! What a simple way to create a detailed and spectacular card!

See more new products in ADDED THIS WEEK!

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