Friday, April 26, 2013

Docrafts Blog Hop WINNER!!!

It's been one of those weeks! I have been swamped with getting all the clearance orders out. Next time I clearance, I think I'll pace myself a little better. But, I was in a Catch 22. I have all this great new stuff coming in and nowhere to put it. Then, I had all these products that are just not current, so they had to go. I will also be clearancing more items next week, including older Cuttlebug folders. I want to be the store that has everything from a particular line or product AND has all the new stuff, but I'm finding that isn't what customers want. Obviously, we all want the NEW stuff!!! So, as a general rule, unless something is just a timeless product and good seller, or a general tool, I will probably not stock older products even if the manufacturer is still producing them. However, if you ever need a product that isn't in the store and is still being made, I can probably ordered it for you, so never hesitate to ask me about a product you are looking for!!!

So, keep your eye's peeled for more clearance!!!

And, now for the winner of the Docrafts Blog Hop who will receive the Vintage Hot Air Balloon Build-A-Scene die cut set...

Congrats! Please contact me at to claim your prize!!!

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