Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some Odd Girl in the store now for preorder!!!

some odd girl In collaboration with Designed to Color Magazine, 7 KIDS is adding SOME ODD GIRL stamps to the store! Some Odd Girl is the featured company in the upcoming edition of DTC, which will be available to purchase from 7 KIDS in August.

For those who are interested, the deadline for submissions featuring Some Odd Girl is Aug. 1. Please contact Carisa if you need more information on the submission guidelines.

It's exciting to see these three women-owned businesses (7 KIDS, DTC and SOME ODD GIRL) come together to offer you some great products and ideas!

If you are interested in these stamps,

I expect to have them in stock late July.

All SOME ODD GIRL stamps are clear photopolymer for convenient storage and perfect stamping placement!

In conjunction with adding Some Odd Girl, I would like to point you toward a youtube channel by Elaine Hughes where she colors Some Odd Girl images with ShinHan markers. CLICK HERE to see these videos. I am also offering 10% off ShinHan markers as part of this launch. Please remember, if you purchase in-stock and preorder items together, the order will ship when the preorder product(s) on your order arrive in stock. CLICK HERE for information on the preorder policy.

Code: SHINHAN10 
Good for 10% off all ShinHan Markers 
Good through 7/19

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